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Talking casinos on NECN

I’ll be on New England Cable News’ “NewsNight” today at 7 p.m., talking about Glenn Marshall’s meltdown and the fate of the Middleborough casino with host Jim Braude.

Here’s your morning roundup of casino-related developments:

  • Marshall is out as chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, with members refusing even to give him the 30-day grace period he had requested (Cape Cod Times).
  • Marshall’s legal woes continue (Cape Cod Times).
  • His false claims of war heroism will be reported to the FBI (The Day of New London, Conn.).
  • More questions about how tribal funds were spent (Cape Cod Today).
  • Officials of neighboring towns ask the Patrick administration to move slowly on the casino (Boston Globe).
  • But Gov. Patrick blows the biggest decision of his tenure, reportedly deciding to endorse casino gambling (WBZ-TV). Perhaps this is just a pre-Labor Day trial balloon?
  • Hal Brown spins like crazy (

Obviously the Middleborough casino will never be built. The big-money players will move on once they realize that this will be tied up in the courts for years. Dissident tribal members are already suing in federal court. Middleborough casino opponents vow to keep fighting. The Jack Abramoff connection must be explored more deeply. In that context, New Bedford’s going to start looking better and better.

But casino gambling will be bad news anywhere, and I hope Patrick comes to his senses before making this official.

Update: This is hilarious. WBZ Radio (AM 1030) reports that Patrick’s office is denying that the governor has made up his mind, but WBZ-TV (Channel 4) is standing by its story.

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  1. Gladys Kravitz

    Yesterday my group, – PAC protested a casino in front of the State House and presented him with a letter of our concerns. At the same time a 17 town Regional Task Force met with the Governor’s advisor regarding their own concerns. A good day to feel like you’ve made some progress. Until we all find out on the evening news that the Governor’s mind is probably as closed as that of the Middleboro Board of Selectmen. Thanks for listening!

  2. Harry

    The Governor’s denial was also in the Globe story. But the Governor’s spokesperson referred to the question as “gaming”. If they start using that euphemism, then likely the Patrick administration will soon begin the process of emptying poor people’s pockets to fund expansion of our public sector. 7-11, Together We Can!Let’s Reach for That (one-arm bandit)

  3. Anonymous

    Something has been left out of the “real” press’ reports about last night’s tribal meeting: the shunning of the five members last December was found to be unjustified. Peter Kenney

  4. Anonymous

    If left to their own devices, I wonder what the tribe would come with for an economic or educational boost.Anything but a casino. I would wear a tribal shirt design,beads and such.I think “REAL” clothing design would take off. Now that you’ve flushed Glenn,save your reputation by doing something that will keep the sun shining and the moon glowing at night. I’ve always had a fascination with the original inhabitors of this land. Don’t let the white man spoil it anymore than he already has.And that includes all of us.Be a proud group of people and do some good.

  5. Middleboro_Mom

    A twist comes to light on which Wampanoag tribe lays claim to ancient ribal land in Middleboro:

  6. Anonymous

    Things appear to be right on schedule, the circular firing squad is assembling. Let’s see now,where have I seen tribal infighting with no winners recently? Give me a minute, it will come to me…..

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