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One for the books

It takes a special way of thinking to work Chappaquiddick into the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. Amazing.

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  1. Anonymous

    The guy has a point. Kennedy has made a career out of casting stones when he was responsible for the death of a woman. He has never been accountable for that.

  2. Anonymous

    “special”, def.”3. pertaining or peculiar to a particular person, thing, instance, etc.; distinctive; unique: the special features of a plan.5. distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual: a special occasion; to fix something special.”I think we can all agree that Sen. Kennedy is “special” and has always been treated that way.

  3. bostonph

    Let’s face it — it’s all they got. Bringing up Ted Kennedy and/or Bill Clinton are the standard GOP response to any criticism of the current administration. It’s the wingnut equivalent of “so’s your old man.”

  4. mike_b1

    Never been accountable? He’s never been elected president because of that.

  5. johnk

    I swore off stupid a long time ago. Maybe Margolis should as well.

  6. o-fish-l

    Actually Dan, Ted Kennedy worked himself into the story by claiming the resignation of Alberto Gonzales was “long overdue”. Sort of like that 911 call reporting the accident on Chappaquiddick, no? While we’re on the topic of “it takes a special way of thinking”, I couldn’t help recall something you helped “Media Nation friend Donna Halper” post on Saturday under the topic of “What’s Next for the Casino”. This nugget (paragraph four of her post) had me rolling on the floor at the time, but I was going to let it slide until you pointed out the far less absurd link between Kennedy’s criticism and Chappaquiddick: “I don’t wanna return this conversation to politics, but I have repeatedly seen people like Dick Cheney stop a reporter in his or her tracks just by accusing them of being un-patriotic or saying a certain question was “inappropriate”. I have seen various politicians, including the president, stop the discussion and not permit follow-up questions– do we need their permission to follow up???” The President and VP worked-into comments on the Middleborough casino. Talk about a special way of thinking!

  7. Dan Kennedy

    non sequitur. “A thought that does not logically follow what has just been said: ‘We had been discussing plumbing, so her remark about astrology was a real non sequitur.’ Non sequitur is Latin for ‘It does not follow.'” — American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

  8. Peter Porcupine

    The astrology remark wouldn’t be out of line if the plumber was an Aquarius!Ovrall I agree. It would be like saying we’ve had the first drive-by shooting at the State House during the administration of the first black Governor.The connection would be strained.

  9. Rick

    Thou shall not pick on Saint Edward. Liberal Bible… Charter 7

  10. Anonymous

    Not to get too cosmic, but if having 2 siblings assassinated is sufficient cause to be elected Senator from MA, as appears to have been the case, there is an unfortunate pool of people who can make a strong run from Boston for the senior senator’s seat upon retirement. If Ted not being elected President is being held “accountable”, the hurdle is low indeed.Ironically, Dallas begat LBJ begat The Great Society, the results of which are largely those self-same victims. Sort of a victimization perpetual motion machine.

  11. Dan Kennedy

    We’re getting quite the flaws of logic posted here today. When Ted Kennedy was first elected to the Senate, John and Robert Kennedy were very much alive. The “sufficient cause” by which he has been re-elected every time since is that voters have liked him better than his opponents.

  12. Anonymous

    Point taken. Still doesn’t mean Eddie McCormack was wrong, however. Ted being “liked” is like the rooster taking credit for sunrise. Had they wanted to, they could have had Rose run, (and win!)

  13. Rick

    A sad statement for the voters of Massachusetts. Having any politician in office for 45 years is beyond liking him… it is almost worshiping him. I have been voting since 1982 and can say I never voted for him (even when I was a democrat)But the voters sure loves the guy.

  14. Anonymous

    The last time I looked at the Senate floor, there were quite a few 70 y.o.’s., and others pushing it. After their 65th birthday all candidates should be asked for specifics on what their retirement plans will be. If voters don’t like the answer, they shouldn’t help elect the guy. $$$ Getting back to Al ‘Fredo’ Gonzales, the silence of his support is deafening.$$$

  15. Tony

    While I could say a lot about this post, I will only say one thing: My gun has killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car.

  16. Anonymous

    And if Ted Kennedy did not exist, does anyone think that Alberto Gonzales would still be Attorney General?

  17. mike_b1

    When Mary Jo drowned, America lost. Ted Kennedy clearly would have been a two-term president, which probably means no Nixon and no Watergate, and if not certainly means no Reagan, and thus no Bush 1, without whom there would have been no Bush 2.In short, MJ’s drowning led to Bush’s Baghdad Bogdown. And has cost America billions.

  18. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Ted Kennedy gets reelected on his record. Once you get beyond the cliche-riddled wiseguy remarks, it’s a very good record.Think about that the next time you change jobs and can take health insurance with you or get health insurance despite a pre-existing condition; the next time your kid gets a federally backed student loan or is able to attend school regardless of handicap; or maybe if you need time off from work to care for a dying parent or sick child; or if you or a loved one is saved from cancer by research breakthroughs funded by the federal government; or if your daughter enjoys playing athletics and finds that unlike 25 years ago, there is equal opportunity for girls to participate as there is for boys.You’d have none of these without Ted Kennedy.Let the right-wing kooks weigh in with their market theories.

  19. mike_b1

    Not to mention he wrote or cowrote the country’s most significant Civil Rights legislation. (Although I realize that’s just another reason for those wacky right-wingers/racists to hate him.)

  20. Anonymous

    Wow, Ted did all that ALONE? Had I known, I would have voted for him twice!

  21. Anonymous

    Rick said… Thou shall not pick on Saint Edward. Liberal Bible… Charter 7 Rick, I think you may prefer the discussions over on RedMassGroup. There the major debates involve whether “libtard” “homosexual activist” or “moonbat” is the correct form of address and whether “liberal whackjobs and moonbats” are a bigger threat to America than Al Qaeda. Everybody else: a few minutes over there should give you a feel for the real reason Teddy keeps winning. The Republican Party in Massachusetts is a cesspool of “I got mine” pseudo-libertarians, each convinced everyone else in the party is a RINO.

  22. DJS

    Regardless of one’s opinion about Kennedy’s record as a senator, it’s worth having him in office just to enrage the bigots (read: the talk-show swamp types).

  23. Rick

    wacky right winger/racists? Talk about a special way of thinking

  24. Rick

    Anon 4:15Thanks for the info on what and where I should go for my info.Nice of you….Thanks pal

  25. Anonymous

    Rick:When all you have to contribute to any given discussion is “liberals suck,” you might be happier at a site devoted to bashing them. Just sayin’General question for the various Mass GOPers on here (e.g. PP && o-fish-l). Just how effective has having party operatives posting random anti-liberal non sequiturs on local political blogs been for the party? It seems kinda childish.Anon4:15

  26. Rick

    ANON:You have Liberals suck in quotes. I hope you correct yourself.I said Saint Edward is not to be picked on. The hostility in your posts is mind numbing for such a minor slight against Sen. Kennedy…..But it proves my point.As for who can post on here and what they can say why don’t you leave that up to Dan Kennedy? It’s his blog and he ok’s the comments. Seem fair?If you don’t like what people post here, why is it them who should leave and post somewhere else? You are the one who seems the most upset about it. I post here because I like reading Dan and have watched him on TV. If he lets me put my 2 cents in to a post of his that is all the affirmation I need. (I voted for Deval Patrick… Just thought I’d throw that in here.)

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