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Make news, not views

My latest commentary for the Guardian is up. In it, I use the occasion of Paula Zahn’s departure from CNN to take a look at why there’s no news on cable news these days, especially in prime time.

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  1. Robin Edgar

    It might interest you to know that I once picketed the Montreal Gazette with a sign that said -A PAPER WHERE NO NEWS IS BAD NEWSNeedless to say that witticism has a much broader application than print media. . .

  2. Anonymous

    Dan, weren’t you the one that said that Wikipedia wasn’t reliable enough to be a primary source? Was O’Reilly too tempting?

  3. rozzie02131

    I agree with you that opinion seems to be a strong offering to build loyal audiences – maybe even stronger than the news itself. So I wonder why the Globe has slipped so far in this category. They finally rebuilt the Metro columns, but the Op-ed pages are weak, with only 1 regular columnist most days. The page is usually filled with academics and advocates taking predictable positions. Meanwhile the Times is well-stocked with columnists in Op-ed and in every department. I think if anything is going to inspire readers to return to the Globe every day, it’ll be a solid staff of columnists.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t know what the C.Brown attraction is. Maybe the fact she’s married to “Green Zone” flack Dan Senor, is considered a plus these days. Perhaps she can someday interview L.Paul Bremer (Senor’s boss) and ask him where the 9 billion in cash went, that his office lost?

  5. Anonymous

    I saw the article about this on The Guardian’s CiF. America began subverting decent news coverage decades ago, when it allowed moguls to monopolise its media. Have you seen the statistics here? There’s probably a good lesson in this for your students about media control, aka propaganda.

  6. Anonymous

    We should congratulate Dan for getting a gig with a major publication like the London Guardian!

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Well, thank you. Not quite sure I can call it a gig — I’ve been invited to pitch them ideas, and so far they’ve been very open. But it’s not like I’ve been promised anything. Don’t want to get ahead of myself.

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