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A model of narrative journalism

Now we know why Kevin Cullen took so long to assume his new post as a Globe columnist. His 4,000-word story today on the years-long pursuit and arrest of suspected murderer Nardo Lopes — obviously months in the making — is a model of narrative journalism.

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  1. beej

    What a great read. I’ll miss Kevin Cullen’s feature stories. His reporting from Europe was always fun to read and interesting. Some may recall, he was once punched in the gut while covering the NATO bombings in Kosovo.

  2. D. Sands

    Three words.I. Miss. Brian. McGrory. OK, four.

  3. Anonymous

    This article was very detailed and provided a great deal of factual information. The weakness is the biased dramatic spin he puts on the article. The foolish Fratalia stating that he would never forget Nardo’s eyes. What a cliche.

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