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Tribute to Sully

Because I was on duty in Maine last night, I missed Paul Sullivan’s final show on WBZ Radio (AM 1030). So I really enjoyed Jon Keller’s tribute on Channel 4. For some reason, I’m unable to generate a direct link, but it’s easily found here.

You can also find Sullivan’s last show in two parts on the WBZ home page, and I’m going to give it a listen.

Best wishes to Sully.

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  1. Anonymous

    Paul Sullivan will be sorely missed, although given the track record of David, and now Paul, I’d be a little leary of filling those shoes. Spinal Tap’s drummer anyone?

  2. Anonymous

    He’s already demonstrated the courage, now it’s a matter of getting a little luck (and it is luck, in this crazy,mixed up,random universe). My strongest brain waves go out in support of Paul.

  3. bostonph

    Very sad. Paul is living proof it’s possible to be entertaining without pandering. In stark contrast, we have this bit of distortion on gay marriage from WRKO’s Gregg Jackson: Cradle of Liberty is now the Cradle of American Fascism. Persecution of Christians is the next step. People who believe the Bible and don’t accept the doctrine that homosexuality is normal and natural began years ago. Brian Camenker, the main Massachusetts critic of the gay agenda, has been viciously persecuted for years. His radio program was taken off the air a few weeks before the legislature’s tyrannical vote. Funny. That’s exactly what the communists do when they takeover a country: silence critics. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. And that hidden hand in the Cradle of Liberty is now revealed as a tyrant’s hand. The despots are watching closely for the reaction to their tyranny. Will the people swallow it? Are they cowardly sheep? Have Americans become the kind of people who allow bullies to steal their country, ban their God and molest their children’s minds?Counting the logical fallacies is probably best left to the reader. I’ll start by pointing out that Brian Camenker’s show was dumped by executives at a Christian broadcast network. Camenker blames the Romney campaign…

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