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Megadittos on Leibovich

Just a brief note on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s denial that one of his goons — uh, aides — tried to intimidate New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich as Leibovich trailed the Mittmobile in his car.

Like Jon Keller, who provides the relevant links, I worked with Leibovich at the Boston Phoenix in the early 1990s. And I endorse this Keller observation: “If Mark Leibovich says it happened that way, it happened exactly that way.”

This isn’t a big deal. Why can’t Romney tell the truth?

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  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of Jon Keller, he offered up a steaming pile of crap last night on his newscast about Hillary. Setting aside the usual buffoonery angle about what a cold, calculating, triangulating, beeyotch she supposedly is and how a Sopranos-like ad designed to soften her up a bit fit into her m.o. as the ultimate political opportunist (memo to Jon and everyone else in the universe: EVERY politician is cold, calculating, and triangulating, not just Hillary Clinton. But wait, I’m sure John McCain’s next visit will have Keller swooning over what a “maverick” he is). But what really got me is that he referred, O’Reilly-like, to the Take Back America conference as the “blame America first crowd” because people had the nerve to boo Hillary when she dumped all the responsibility of what’s going on in Iraq right now with the Iraqi government (I would have booed too!). Apparently Jon’s out of touch with a majority of the American people, who actually think this war and everything about it sucks. I know this was an off-topic rant, but this Keller guy is given way too much credibility in some circles, because he prides himself on being some sort of equal-opportunity offender. He’s just an offender.

  2. Anonymous

    take a look at this Globe story about Jay Garrity and you’ll see he’s a cop wannabe. The Leibovich story rings very true indeed:Romney aide is cited by policeBy Raphael Lewis, Globe Staff, 3/24/2004The aide responsible for making sure Governor Mitt Romney has flawless public events has been cited by Boston police for driving a black Crown Victoria decked out with flashing lights, having a billy club, and identification showing a State Police patch that reads “Official Business.” Jay Garrity, who choreographs virtually all of the governor’s events, was also cited for failing to have his Ford inspected, and for having windows that are more deeply tinted than permitted under state law, according to a police report released yesterday.Shawn Feddeman, spokeswoman for Romney, said the governor was not pleased.”The governor expects all members of his staff to comply with the law,” she said.Feddeman added that Garrity, who formerly worked as a security consultant as well as with the federal government, has paid his citations, which cost “hundreds of dollars.” She said he is removing the equipment.”Because of a prior job he had with the federal government, he had a federal permit for that equipment in his car, but in Massachusetts you’re required to have a state permit or get rid of the equipment,” Feddeman said. “He never used the equipment in Massachusetts. . . . He’s in the process of getting the lights removed and making sure the car is in compliance.”Police found Garrity’s car illegally parked at around 4 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day in the North End — with the keys in the ignition, the report said. Police said they discovered equipment that is off limits to civilians without a special state permit.According to the police report, Garrity’s car had red and blue lights mounted in the grill, a siren and PA system, strobe lights, and a baton “with the state seal of Connecticut,” the report said.

  3. Anonymous

    you truly can judge a man like romney by the company he keeps.

  4. mike_b1

    Since Leibovich seems to have lots of personalities, does he get to have one wife for each? And does he have more, or less, wives than Mitt?

  5. Anonymous

    Why can’t Romney tell the truth? When was the last time he did? He is such a compulsive spinner at this point that he probably doesn’t know the truth himself.

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