State employees online II

The Herald’s online database of state-employee salaries seems to be working as intended today. You can search by name, look up entire departments and sort by name or salary, among other features.

Adam Gaffin has some ideas on how to make it more usable — although it looks like at least a few have already been implemented. Personally, I’d make it so that you could download the whole thing into an Excel spreadsheet.

I’ve looked up a few people this morning, and found out that they don’t make as much as I’d assumed.

Update: Joe Dwinell shares some tips, including how to pull parts of the database into Excel. What about the whole thing? “Sorry, it’s too big to e-mail.” Yes, but it could be posted as a downloadable file.

4 thoughts on “State employees online II

  1. Another Face at Zanzibar

    Seems to be missing info on UMass employees. Maybe they’re part of a different database?

  2. Anonymous

    But joe is not being fair. I’ve seen comments on his blog disappear. One asked if anyone had any dirt on him, another said boycott the herald and another had his address claiming it was available on the web (makes sense with online registries, phone books, etc these days).

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