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State employees online

Herald city editor Jules Crittenden may think the print edition is what matters, but the most interesting thing going on in his paper today is online: the Herald has unveiled the entire state payroll as of April 2007.

I think there are some legitimate privacy concerns, but the fact is that these are all public records. On balance, making them readily accessible is a good thing — although I’m less than thrilled with the Herald’s page-one tease calling it “Find-A-Hack.”

Herald Web guy Joe Dwinell calls the online payroll a searchable list.” Maybe I’m missing something, but all I see is a non-sortable table broken into 3,979 Web pages that you have to click on one at a time. Perhaps further refinements will be coming.

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  1. Joe

    So many folks jumped into the system (thousands) it gummed up the works … but we’re fixing it now. The hits keep coming and this list won’t go away. I’m asking readers to circle back. We’ll solve this. – Joe Dwinell

  2. Anonymous

    Right now it’s only the top 50. Too bas I’m simply dying to find out how much we’re paying Peter Porcupine to post about how great Mitt is.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow. Peter Porcupine gets paid $37,266.60 a year to post here. Charity really does begin at home.

  4. Anonymous

    I looked through it and my initial thought was that there were a lot of people doing important jobs that we aren’t paying very much money. Compared to private sector jobs, these are underpaid.Only Howie Carr would think that Health Care workers and DSS case workers making a $40K are hacks.And no, I’m not a public employee. In fact I work for the new owner of Reuters.

  5. Bill

    What’s going on here? The entire university system is missing, but the state and community colleges are there.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Bill: It says, “Look for more state payroll figures from other state agencies in the weeks to come.”

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