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Patrick aide (still) assaults clerk

I thought this BostonNOW story was pretty funny when I first read about it on Blue Mass Group. But it’s even funnier that as I write this, on Saturday at 5:09 p.m., it still hasn’t been corrected.

No, BostonNOW, Governor’s Council member Marilyn Devaney is not an aide to Gov. Deval Patrick. She’s an elected official in her own right. Believe it or not.

Here’s the background.

Update: Sco reports as of 8:38 p.m. that it’s now gone.

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  1. sco

    The funniest part of this to me is that the author of the article, Chris Loh, used to be the reporter for the Watertown TAB. Understand that here in Watertown, Marilyn Devaney’s antics provide the vast majority of the TAB’s content both now and when Loh was here (only one or two years ago?).So, it’s obvious that this is completely a case of bad copyediting. Some editor must have changed his first sentence and gave it the terribly misleading headline.

  2. sco

    Oh, and it looks like they finally deleted it, because your link goes nowhere.

  3. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Of course in the good old days, it would have been termed the executive council, which is its constitutional title…

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Amused: True enough, but it began life, in Colonial days, as the Governor’s Council — a counterbalance to the popularly elected Assembly. Now it’s just a third and incredibly useless branch of the Legislature. It should be abolished.

  5. Anonymous

    “third and incredibly useless..” Sort of describes BostonNow’s relevance in the Boston daily tabloid newspaper community, all the glowing hype for Russel Pergament and the innovative use of blogging not withstanding.

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