Say goodnight, I-Man

CBS Radio has fired Don Imus. That’s perhaps a bit more than necessary (not that I’m shedding any tears), but, according to the Associated Press, advertisers were abandoning him and his high-profile media buddies were jumping ship.

New England Cable News is supposed to be dropping by Media Nation for an interview in a little while.

Update: You can watch the NECN piece here.

16 thoughts on “Say goodnight, I-Man

  1. Anonymous

    Just a nit.The I’m-an-ass In The Morning has hit German media. Germany’s news magazine of record, Der Spiegel, had an article about it this morning.Ende eines Star-Rassisten (end of a star racist),1518,druck-476966,00.htmlSorry, it’s in German (maybe they’l have an english translation in a day or so). It really is quite informative, but I don’t have time to translate it here.–raj

  2. Anonymous

    Dan, just curious. If someone says something as offensive as Imus’ comments on this blog, would you kill the comment? Would you ban someone who is not anonymous? Have you ever killed a comment for any reason? (I have no sympathy for Imus).

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 8:19: Would I ban something as offensive as Imus’ comments on this blog? Honest answer: I don’t know. I would have to judge it as it came up. Every circumstance is different.Would I ban a particular commenter? I don’t think so. I can’t imagine a circumstance that would lead me to ban someone no matter what he or she had to say.Have I ever killed a comment? Not counting spam, there have been a very few occasions, and not for many months. I specifically remember a comment suggesting that the president ought to be assassinated, and I deleted that.

  4. Anonymous

    “”…particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society,” CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves said in announcing the decision”. (His wife, the 21 years-younger Julie Chen, could not be reached for comment.) Usually one has to go to MA to find a “Nationwide Search” like that one.

  5. Pat

    What? No “liberal media double standard” post from Peter Porcupine here? I thought Imus was getting off easier than Rush.

  6. endangered coffee

    In the overall scheme of things Sharpton is probably a worse charlatan than Imus, anon 10:02 a.m., but I’m sick of people using Sharpton’s transgressions like it excuses what Imus did/said. As far as I’m concerned, we should take the majority of radio talk folks and fling them in the ocean. If Imus is jus the first ripple, that’s fine by me.

  7. Anonymous

    I do not care about Imus, what ticks me off is all the do-gooder PC types who are all charged up about a stupid joke. Why is it not “offensive” for radio stations to play music that describes murder, drug dealing, and womanizing? If you are offended by some old guy why are you not as offended by hip-hop?

  8. Anonymous

    weei’s dennis and callahan, who had a racial flarup of their own, all last week said this was going to be a shakedown by rutgers to get money and scholarships from imus. a funny thing happened, though — it wasn’t. they acted with class and accepted his apology and said he shouldn’t be fired.there was an ugly undertone of racism all week long to d&c’s outrage in this incident and, given their disdain for imus, you have to wonder if they were using it as cover to rail about what they probably perceive as their own persecution and extortion. and here’s betting they won’t offer an apology or even a “never mind.”

  9. A.J. Cordi

    I know this is old, but I’m happy to say that Bernard McGuirk has finally been fired! I’ve been waiting to blog about this since everything began!

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