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D’oh! It’s McGrory on Sundays

Rob points out that Dave Guarino and I both missed this, at the end of Brian McGrory’s column on Sunday: “Brian McGrory’s column will appear on Wednesday and Sunday.”

In my very slight defense, I will note that I went here before I posted this morning and saw this: “Brian McGrory’s column appears on Tuesdays and Fridays in the City & Region section.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan, an ethics question for you:Doesn’t it strike you as interesting that the MA House Speaker’s spokesman is using his personal blog to praise a Globe columnist? Can he really divorce his day job from his blog identity? Can we really feel certain that he isn’t just engendering good will with a powerful scribe on behalf of his less-than-media-darling boss?

  2. Cranky

    Maybe if he has to write a column for Sunday, he won’t have time to do his radio show on Saturday. I don’t read him enough to be as annoyed as other bloggers seem to be by his column, but I am subjected to his radio show when I’m driving around on Saturday. It’s the only thing on WTKK more unlistenable than Michael Graham.

  3. CCFK

    Gah. Brian McGrory on a Sunday morning? I guess that’s when the sanctimonious are in full effect so he should fit right in. Unfortunately his column ideas and writing are so poor that he’s obviously not plagiarizing anyone, so he won’t be fired for that.

  4. Zach Everson

    I believe your readers are entitled to a more complete apology–perhaps one that even garners more interest than your original post–in the manner of the Politico.

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