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Media Nation readership, usually around 1,000 visitors on weekdays, spiked to 2,400 last Tuesday after Doc Searls gave me a plug. Then Site Meter crashed, and I’ve been showing nothing but zeroes since Thursday. The Site Meter blog acknowledges problems, but makes it sound like they’ve been fixed already. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  1. Philocrites

    SiteMeter zeroed out on me several years ago, but I haven’t had a problem with it in a long time. (Then again, I haven’t had a link from one of the giant blogs in several years, either!)

  2. Peter Porcupine

    My traffic is down, but not out.I only recently learned that Sitemeter may not pick up hits from an RSS feed; could that play into your problem?And I HAVE visited your site over the weekend – so that’s ONE.

  3. Anonymous

    Standard comment number 53:Move to WordPress.

  4. Charles Swift

    Dan:I use a combination of StatCounter and MyBlogLog. MyBlogLog is 25 bucks a year or so and gives you standard statistics but also tracks outgoing traffic from your blog, which is very interesting and useful. I also use StatCounter’s free service as an adjunct and have never had a problem except on one day when I had something like 13,000 visitors in the space of seven hours or so because my site was linked to by for my “Mount Whoredom” post.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who reads you, Dan.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    I make no grandiose claims for Media Nation, but I’m reasonably sure I’ve done nothing that would drive traffic down from 1,000 a day to zero. And note to Anon 9:44: A move to WordPress is likely sometime later this spring.

  7. island_earth

    No, it’s true. Nobody visits your site. Not even me.

  8. Anonymous

    Dan, if you need a pat on the back to encourage you to keep posting, consider this a pat on the back.;-)–raj

  9. Charles Swift

    Incidentally Dan, if you want to track readers who follow you via Bloglines and other feed readers, Feed Blitz is the way to go.

  10. Anonymous

    we love you dan — all 0 of us.

  11. Tony

    I just checked and my Sitemeter seems to be working OK. 🙂 And yeah, I don’t visit your site either … Hah! I looked at the WordPress site and I’m intrigued by it. However, I’ve gotten so used to Blogspot that if I make a switch, I would like it to be to some other thing, like a full blown html site or something.

  12. jjdaley

    Same thing here… Site Meter went to zeros on Thursday.

  13. Howard Owens

    Well, a link from Doc did more for you than it did for me.But then, my site meter didn’t break.

  14. A.J. Cordi

    1,000 a day? I wish I had that sort of following. I only get around 15-25 people a day on my blogs.

  15. Pink Granite

    Hi -On Wednesday, March 7th, I had a comment left on one of my posts, but SiteMeter showed zero visitors. Later in the day, it showed some visitors, but never for that person, in that time slot.Of course it’s easy for me to monitor such things as I am a very small fish in a very big sea – unlike you Dan!I’m one of the thousand folks who continue to enjoy your blog.Many thanks,Lee

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