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Apparently not a parody

Good news for John McCain and Rudy Giuliani: Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is being run by morons.

Two questions: Where can I get one of those “First, Not France” bumper stickers? And will the Globe please post the entire 77-slide PowerPoint presentation?

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  1. Styne

    The Moron Tabernacle Choir?

  2. Peter Porcupine

    Well, since Rudy left his secret plan out for the world to see months ago, and McCain’s campaign is being run by the rocket scientists who ran Kerry Healey’s campaign – perhaps we call this one a tie?

  3. Neil

    It’s the nature of the medium–Powerpoint makes you stupid. Romney won’t be any worse off than the other candidates, as long as their operatives use the same dumbifying software. Recall that Fred Kagan’s “Choosing Victory” plan, which was the justification for the surge in Iraq, was presented to President Bush as a Powerpoint presentation. Then check this out, also on page one, below the fold.

  4. Adam

    No Brie! No Brie! No Brie! I’m sorry, are we still mad at the French.Seems like Romney’s campaign strategy would be perfect if it was still 2002.

  5. Leslie

    So nobody has any problem with the Globe’s printing content of an obviously internal, not-for-release document? Fascinated as I am with the revelations, and ardent as I am regarding freedom of the press, I think I feel a bit uncomfortable with the notion that anything written by, for or about a Presidential candidate is fair game for publication, regardless of how it was obtained.Leslie

  6. Peter Porcupine

    Gee whiz, Leslie – it’s not like it was HILLARY’S game plan or anything IMPORTANT like THAT!

  7. Anonymous

    I’m Peter Porcupine simply forgot to mention her affiliation with the Romney campaign. And the Healey campaign. And the state Republican party…It’s always interesting to get the spin straight from the source.

  8. Don

    If Mitt Romney wavers even slightly on his opposition to abortion or gay marriage, he’s not a Mormon. He might just as well resign from the “church” before they throw him out.

  9. Citizen Charles Foster Kane

    Quick guide to the way conservatives see the world:1. If a conservative does something wrong, Hillary Clinton/Howard Dean/John Kerry/Nancy Pelosi has done something worse.2. If the media reveals something that a conservative wishes to keep secret, it’s liberal media bias.3. If another country does not bow to conservative wishes, the French are behind it somehow.Viewing the world through this prism allows conservatives to avoid actual thought and analysis so you thus get the omniscient conservative who knows what would happen if the Globe got their hands on Hillary Clinton’s playbook. It truly is a shame that the conservative knowledge of what will happen for any given situation in the future didn’t work in the case of Iraq.

  10. Don

    Well, Rosebud, aren’t you a smarty.

  11. Anonymous

    Apparently not a parody – and probably more effective with the target audience than we’d like.

  12. Peter Porcupine

    And my affiliation with the Romney and Healey campaigns would be…..what, exactly?Be careful how you answer, Anonymous, as you really are clueless, substituting insinuation for knowledge.

  13. Citizen Charles Foster Kane

    Don:I take it you view the world through the conservative version of the funky glasses Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Mormon. I wasn’t trying to be smart–I was simply repeating what has become common practice among conservatives, which actually required hitting my head against the wall multiple times until I grasped the innate stupidity of Romney’s message. Did you even read what Romney’s talking points would be? Clinton, the media, and France.

  14. Anonymous

    Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is being run by morons.Well, of course. Consider the intelligence level of the candidate./sarcasm–raj

  15. Anonymous

    Down here in France, we’re about to elect Nicolas sarkozy, and the guy will fit pretty well with such a campaign, and he should please Mr Romney! It is just a question of weeks, now, be patient!

  16. Leslie

    Citizen,A useful talking point might be the problem of the illegal Conehead immigration (from France.)L.

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