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A new Boston blog

Joe Heisler, the host of BNN‘s local-access cable program “Talk of the Neighborhoods,” has unveiled a blog called — get this — “Talk of the Neighborhoods.”

Heisler’s a former community journalist in Boston, so he knows his way around a keyboard and the city. He’s already put up a sharp post on the race for president of the Boston City Council. But Joe! Put in a few more paragraph breaks, will you?


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  1. mike_b1

    This graf is damn similar to one that ran in the Thursday edition of the Bulletin papers:”My sources tell me Flaherty currently has five (himself, District 9 Councilor Jerry McDermott, District 8 Councilor Michael Ross, District 5 Councilor Rob Consalvo, and the ailing (but loyal) District 2 Councilor Jimmy Kelly, who like Flaherty hails from South Boston. Feeney has two (herself and at-Large Councilor Stephen Murphy), and Tobin has only himself that he can count on for certain. That leaves ‘Team Unity’, the four councilors of color – at-Large Councilor Felix Arroyo, District 7 Councilor Chuck Turner, District 4 Councilor Charles Yancey and at-Large Councilor Sam Yoon – as the potential swing votes.”That paper credited Sam Yoon with the rundown of who is backing whom. Not a great start to be cribbing from the neighborhood weeklies.

  2. Tony

    Eh, how do you know that Joe was “cribbing” … maybe they were cribbing from him. If I recall correctly from my years of reading Boston weeklies, Joe contributed a lot of stuff to these papers. In addition, Sam could have told Joe the same thing over a cup of joe. In other words, as Sgt. Hulka used to say, “Lighten up, Francis.”

  3. mike_b1

    Not sure why anyone should laugh off plagiarism, tony.I don’t know that Joe cribbed. I do know that the Bulletin piece ran the day before his did, that the relevant graf gave identical particulars and in the same order. I also know that the Bulletin cited Sam Yoon as its source, while Joe cited … no one. Which isn’t that big of a deal, except why read a blog whose “scoops” come a day late and with less information than what’s already available?

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