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Me culpa

No, that’s not a typo. Looking back over the past few days, I see that I’ve put up a string of horrendously self-referential posts. Unavoidable, perhaps, given the circumstances. But that should be pretty much the end. Keep reading Media Nation for posts about things other than Media Nation.

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  1. Cody Pomeray

    Dan,What’s awful is that you’ve had to waste so much time disputing a non-issue.These politico-bloggers like to have it both ways. They ride the back of the MSM when it comes to the heavy journalistic lifting but are the first to jump on mistakes and try to get that “gotcha” moment.Of course, a gotcha moment must include the shameful resignation, in this case the absurd calls for John’s head.The funny part is that if the story was about ANY subject other than blogging and the same chain of events ocurred (snarky report based on flawed op-ed, misinterpreted humor post) no one would have noticed, there would have been no tempest in the blogspot, and no calls for resignations and beheadings.Bloggers need to get a grip. They opine in the ether. Nothing more, nothing less. They’re not journalists. They don’t have any standards or credibility. However, that doesn’t preclude them from being good writers or having an interesting perspective on events.It’s probably safest to stick to blogs about people with obsessive yoga habits (like me)!

  2. snaporaz

    Mr. Kennedy, I remember you quoting Bob Somerby of the Daily Howler in an earlier comment and I was wondering if you have been following him recently. More specifically, in the past few entries he has highlighted this quote from digby in reference to the Jeff Greenfield/Obama story:But you’ll have to excuse us hotheads for reacting strongly when we see these things because the last time the media decided to have “fun” and tell “jokes,” this way, enough people believed them that it ended up changing the world in the most dramatic and violent way possible. This may help to shed some light on the motivations behind the diarists and posters on KOS and throughout the blogosphere. World events are too important right now to let you all to continue to make a mockery of our discourse.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    You’re citing Somerby to me? That’s a good one. Click here.

  4. Anonymous

    Just face it, Dan. You’re a happenin’ dude. Happy holidays to all! And cheers to continued thoughtful dialogue!

  5. Brian Maloney

    Quite frankly, Dan, I don’t see a problem here. After jumping into the fray, sometimes the blogger becomes part of the story. No need to apologize.

  6. Anonymous

    bloggedy-blog-blog – blah blah blah.

  7. Anonymous

    EB3 hereDan, I bet you took a lot of showers during this pissing contest. I also bet you had trouble comprehending what these people were bitching about.And when it was over, I bet you realized these people are nuts. You then got pissed at yourself for even acknowledging them.Trust me Dan, BMG is for entertainment purposes only.No one will remember this but BMG and John Carroll, who by the way, handled this whole thing with real class.

  8. Steve

    It’s probably coincidence, but Atrios has been going through a self-referential phase as well (here,here, and here).At least one good thing came out of this BtP kerfuffle: I realized JOHN Carroll is not JAMES Carroll (author of “Constantine’s Sword” among other fine works, and sometime op-ed writer for the Globe).DUH!

  9. Anonymous

    EB3 hereNo, he is is just a “Mortal Friend”

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