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Herald meltdown

It continues apace, according to the Weekly Dig’s blog. Among the latest victims: Sean McCarthy, whose cheeky sensibility is the sort of thing I thought they wanted at One Herald Square.

One thing that’s inexplicable is the utter lack of planning. You’d think Pat Purcell could sit down with his money people and say, OK, here’s what we can afford to do for the next year, no matter what happens. And if that required whacking 30 more people, well — horrible though that would be, it would certainly be better than dribbling it out a week at a time.

I assume the end is not at hand — otherwise, he wouldn’t have given his daughter a promotion this week. But this is as ugly as it gets.

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  1. Anonymous

    Look at it this way: The daughter gets a nice management title for a couple years as the place is bled dry and then closed.The end already came and went.

  2. mike_b1

    They could probably sell some papers if they would look into why the State Police are sitting along the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury tonight, cars running, presumably protecting the workers who are replacing the water system. Never mind that there is, in fact, no work being done tonight, which means the Mass. taxpayers are footing a hefty OT bill and getting nothing in return.

  3. amusedbutinformedobserver

    It’s over. Low-brow didn’t work and crippled the paper for good. It won’t close for a while though. Why? Because Purcell needs it for the real estate deal. Stand in his way and you or someone or something dear to you will be crucified. And that’s what it’s all about, a real estate deal. Purcell will get what he wants and suspend the H-T-R-A shortly thereafter. The stakes are high enough to keep the paper going until then.

  4. Anonymous

    Boston Herald laying off small number of workersRobert Gavin, Boston Globe (Friday, Dec. 8)Long-expected layoffs at the Boston Herald got underway today as the newspaper began notifying employees in its newsroom and commercial operations. These job cuts are expected to total fewer than 10, including a few employees who are leaving voluntarily.Brian Whelan, president of the Newspaper Guild of Greater Boston, which represents workers in editorial, advertising and other business departments, confirmed the number of layoffs as “in the ballpark.” He said additional details would be released later.Herald publisher Patrick Purcell recently told newsroom and commercial employees that he would have to make layoffs even if they approved a 26-month freeze to help close a reported $2.8 million budget shortfall. The Guild-represented employess approved a wage freeze about 10 days ago.”The newspaper industry is facing considerable pressure and the Herald is not immune,” Purcell said today in a statement. Regrettably, today I took steps to reduce our workforce through a combination of buyout agreements, retirements and the elimination of several positions. This was a very painful decision, but necessary to ensure that Boston remains a two-newspaper town.”

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