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A quiet Election Day at Media Nation

Here it is, Election Day, and Media Nation is seriously overcommitted. Well, it’s all over but the voting anyway.

If there’s one thing to keep an eye on, I’d say it’s the unfolding story about Republican-directed “robocalls,” which may violate campaign-finance laws. Josh Marshall has been following this maniacally, and summarizes the issue well here.

The New York Times carries this report.

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Gannett rolls the dice


  1. Citizen Charles Foster Kane

    Hey, what are a few campaign finance law violations if they let you keep the House and Senate? I’m sure there will be an investigation, some fines, and two days before the 2008 election, a blizzard of robocalls.

  2. mike_b1

    How much taxpayer money is wasted flying Air Force One to Texas so Bush can vote at home? Why doesn’t he cast an absentee ballot?Oh yeah: every time he flies, he helps his oil cronies.

  3. Steve

    Dan, just to be clear because many reports have gotten it wrong -Robocalls per se are not the issue. Both parties do robocalls.Then there are vicious attack robocalls. The only reports of calls of this type I have heard are Republican attacks on Democrats. But this still falls into the category of “protected political speech”, as far as I’m concerned.But the real crime happening is false flag robocall harrassment. Robocallers claiming to be supporting a candidate that call the same number over and over and over and over again. This is harrassment, not politically protected speech. The only party that’s doing this is the Republican party, as far as I’ve heard.

  4. Anonymous

    Democrat majorities in the House and Senate will go a long way towards making these investigations go away. After all, why bother when they had no material impact on the overall result? Move on. Dot org.

  5. Steve

    Anon 3:25 – “why bother when they had no material impact on the overall result?”Deterrence. If people commit crimes connected to the free exercise of elections, they should be punished to deter others from commiting similar crimes. Since the Republicans didn’t get the message from the convictions in their NH phone jamming case, we have to remind them yet again.

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