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Gannett rolls the dice

I’m skeptical of Gannett‘s motives — could this just be a way to load up on free content? — but its plunge into citizen journalism, reported today in the Washington Post, is potentially of enormous significance.

Here is the Web site of Gannett’s News-Press, in southwest Florida, where the company has been rolling out parts of its citizen-journalism initiative. And check out the special interactive section of the chain’s Des Moines Register.

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  1. bostonph

    The Wired article I posted in the Globe thread has more detail on why they’re doing it.,72067-0.html“We’ve already had some really amazing results with the crowdsourcing element of this,” said Jennifer Carroll, Gannett’s VP for new media content. “Most of us got into this business because we were passionate about watchdog journalism and public service, and we’ve just watched those erode. We’ve learned that no one wants to read a 400-column-inch investigative feature online. But when you make them a part of the process they get incredibly engaged.”Full disclosure: Jennifer is my sister. -Paul

  2. Anonymous

    um, it IS election day, dan.

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