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Bob Jordan checks in

Robert Jordan, a former president of the Boston Globe’s newsroom employees union, writes in response to this item from last Friday:

Dear Dan,

In one of your recent postings, you asked readers to check out a “toxic” quote from Dan Totten, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, which appeared in the New York Post, which, in reference to the New York Times Co., owner of the Boston Globe: “It seems to us they’ve ruined the paper and are guilty of gutting it.”

You stated that his quote “goes far beyond the rhetoric of previous Globe union heads, such as Robert Jordan and Steve Richards.” I may write or speak a little differently than Dan, but both of us would be talking about the same reality of the Globe’s cost-cutting measures and the devastating impact they are having on the workplace and upon the hard-working employees who are forced to pay unrealistic and unaffordable health care costs.


Robert A. Jordan

Anyone for a chorus or two of “Solidarity Forever”?

Update: Jordan has also written a response to Mitchell Zuckoff on Romenesko.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan, sure, especially when it’s solidarity on the side of the truth. The Globe has dumbed down and cut back, and everyone has suffered.

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