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The debate so far

A 6 p.m. gubernatorial debate? You’ve got to be kidding. I captured the live stream on the WTKK Web site, transferred it to my iPod, and listened to the first half while doing other things. I’ll finish it on the drive to work tomorrow.

My first impression of the first half: Deval Patrick and Kerry Healey were both so slick and cautious that neither did any damage or helped themselves much. But Patrick won because Christy Mihos was kicking the bejesus out of Healey while leaving Patrick pretty much alone. And to the extent that Grace Ross took sides, she was pretty hard on Healey, too.

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  1. Anonymous

    You should watch the video if you get a chance. Healey’s body language is horrible. She looks incredibly uncomfortable. Even Keller commented on it.

  2. bostonph

    I’m sure someone has asked this by now, but how did the “citizen questioners” get picked?Shonda Schilling, Jasper White, a self-identifed “Republican from Winchester”, …

  3. Diane

    bostonph,I had the same question. Just regular guys, right? Sheesh.And is it just me, or does Kerry Healey come off on camera as simultaneously awkward, snotty and shrill. A rare trifecta.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree that a 6 PM is a poor time for a debate, but I wish the Globe and Herald would mention in their stories the radio station that carries the debate. People ARE able to listen in their cars. I had to search through web sites to find out which station had it. You’d think they’d be able to squeeze in a clause in the sentence that has the TV coverage.

  5. Stealth

    Fox doesn’t have a 6 o’clock news, so of course they’re going to run the debate against the other local news shows. They usually show Malcolm In The Middle reruns in that slot.And again, regarding the regular joes: it’s Fox.

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