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Weirdest image

Not sure whether I’ll have any brilliant observations about yesterday’s primary election or the coverage thereof. (Not that that’s ever stopped me.) But the strangest sight by far last night was Chris Gabrieli standing about six feet to the left of Deval Patrick during Patrick’s victory speech. It was classy of Gabrieli to show up (Patrick graciously gave Tom Reilly a pass), but couldn’t someone have found him a place to sit? There he was, towering over everyone, bathed in light, awkwardly smiling and clapping as though he were submitting to some sort of hazing ritual. Weird.

I don’t want to violate AP’s copyright, so click here to see for yourself.

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  1. Encyclopedia Brown

    Actually, I thought the weirdest moment was when Kerry Healey got up and gave a victory speech after a primary in which she was unopposed.

  2. paul

    The photo you link to doesn’t do the scene justice — the camera angle I saw on NECN made it look like Gabrieli was five feet taller than anyone else in the room (including Patrick). They kept pulling back from focussing only on Patrick and I kept expecting Gabrieli to have left, but he stayed there to the end of the speech. I’m not sure why Reilly “couldn’t make it,” but Gabrieli’s prominent placement made Reilly’s absence more noticeable, unfortunately.

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