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Lede of the year?

From Wonkette:

Washington City Paper editor Erik Wemple: his inflated self-importance, use of his paper to settle petty scores, and hilarious two-day-long editorship of the Village Voice (didn’t get along with Christgau or something) must now take a backseat to the hilarious antics of his dogshit-flinging wife.

Sadly, the item kind of goes downhill from there. And for all I know, this is grotesquely unfair to both Wemples. But what a lede!

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  1. Anonymous

    Are you serious? It’s awful, with its clumsy “Washington City Paper editor Erik Wemple: …” construction, unnecessary parenthetical about Christigau, and it’s passive voice.

  2. another face at zanzibar

    Agreed. Passivity is the root of all evil. Er, the root of all evil is passivity. Oh, the heck with it.

  3. Anonymous

    are you kidding? erik wemple is the worst thing to happen to washington dc and to journalism in a long time. the only way any of this could be better would be if his wife had thrown the dog shit in his face. oh well, i guess everyone — even erik wemple — has their supporters in some remote corner of the web.

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