Boston Herald columnist Joe Fitzgerald today begins: “Insanity, according to one insightful definition, is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

And then, for the second time this week, he finds a way to relate the Big Dig tragedy to those marriage-mocking, gay-coddling pols on Beacon Hill:

Legislators jumping into the fray to make sure their constituents are well-represented are insulting our intelligence, too, if they’re the same ones who just conspired to muzzle those constituents on the volatile issue of homosexual matrimony.

It’s enough to make you despair, if this is where you make your home. But truth be told, we’re only reaping what we’ve sown in Massachusetts, and it’s a bitter, fatal harvest.

You could probably hire a couple of reporters to supplement the Herald’s understaffed newsroom with what Fitzgerald is making. Can’t publisher Pat Purcell talk him into retiring?

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