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That nice lady in the green room

Does this make Ann Coulter better or worse? Worse, I’d say.

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  1. Anonymous

    So if she’s an asshole, it justifies your suspicions but if she’s pleasant, despite not agreeing with your world view, she’s “coniving”. Boy, that’s intellectual honesty for you.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m still waiting for 9-11 widows to take up the cause of Murrah Federal Building victims and others who were not compensated after terrorist attacks. Oh yeah, “it’s not about the money”..

  3. Anonymous

    Coulter’s petty and small-minded. She could be intelligent and big-minded. She knows what gets headlines and makes folks talk (and buy books and send around links to her TV appearances). She knows how the whole media circle works and she feeds the beast. In a way, Coulter is a monster created by the media. She gets OODLES of pick-up, doesn’t she? Very sad…LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. Obviously, according to the comments by the intern who chatted with her one one one, she has the ability to be charming. but that doesn’t sell as many books. [end of tirade]

  4. Rhea

    I was in Kennebunkport, Maine, a number of years back. As you know, this is the site of the ancestral home of the Bush family. I was walking past the yacht club when a black limo swiftly pulls up. Out comes Barbara Bush followed by a gaggle of happy kids (grandkids?) and, by my observations, she was the dearest grandma a kid could ever want. Attentive, kind, charming, all of that. But she’s still a raving Republican.

  5. Anonymous

    re: rhea… years back i was at my aunt’s house in neponset, a thoroughly dorchester family home. my young cousin came home from a pond hockey game bleeding from a cut on his head. when my aunt asked what happened, he said, “a protestant did it.” so what if bbush is a “raving republican?”

  6. neil

    Mistress Ann is the perfect info-tainment product–skinny, blonde, oh-so-outrageous. As anon x:xx says, she knows what we want and gives it to us. We are titillated and shocked (shocked!) by her provocations.You liberals, what naughty boys you’ve been! Oh no Mistress Ann, please don’t hit me again. My dignity!Whack!

  7. Anonymous

    When Michael Moore spews his outrageous and offensive nonsense, it is dutifully defended here as “perhaps bad journalism, but journalism all the same.” Coulter’s outrageous and offensive nonsense is, however to be reviled as “hateful.”They’re both sides of the same coin: it is just schtick.

  8. metallicaMobes

    I wonder who would win in a no-holds-barred cage match, WWF style?

  9. Rick in Duxbury

    M’mobes:The answer is “America”.

  10. Anonymous

    Anne Coulter and George Carlin will be on the Tonight Show, tonight, that is, Wednesday June 14th. May be spectacular, or may not be. Story on

  11. Neil

    Carol Rivers in today’s Globe, on the feminist success story, in which she skirts plagiarism from my comment above:>Mistress Ann is the perfect info-tainment productwith:>She’s the perfect creature for the ethereal planet of InfotainmentShocking! Outrageous! I agree with Caryl (obviously, since we speak the same language). You go Ann!

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