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Rummy’s recycled rules

The Boston Herald’s Jay Fitzgerald has an entertainingly unoriginal story today. Here’s the lead:

A San Diego blogger has already proved that many of Raytheon chief William Swanson’s “Unwritten Rules of Management” had previously been written down in a 1944 book.

Now it turns out other folksy business adages in Swanson’s booklet were also previously written — by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and newspaper humorist Dave Barry.

Are there no new rules out there?

Speaking of unoriginal writing, I guess this is just about a wrap for Harvard typist Kaavya Viswanathan.

Update: The Herald ran a graphic comparing Rummy to Swanson and Dave Barry. Pretty amazing.

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  1. Aaron Read

    There’s only one rule and it’s stolen from Bill Watterson’s “Calvinball” (Calvin & Hobbes): Make the rules up as you go.🙂

  2. John Galt

    There is not one iota of humor to be found in the churlish Sec’y of Defense.

  3. Don

    So, neither the Globe nor the Herald will hire you, eh?

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