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The Fenway Globe

Yes, the Boston Globe ran the requisite disclosure about its shared business interests with the Red Sox. But that doesn’t really explain why the editors believed it was necessary to run a front-page wet kiss today about the deluxe travel packages the team is setting up for well-heeled fans. At least make the Sox buy an ad.

By the way, the Web version includes a nine-photo slideshow with a headline right out of the Red Sox P.R. department: “Livin’ the dream: Red Sox DestiNATIONs.” Good grief.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan, the Globe also has shown no interest in exploring the reasoning behing allowing a state trooper’s emergency vehicle to speed through Boston for the purpose of delivering a player to Fenway.I’m ecstatic Dougie’s back. But someone should at least make a pretense of a raised eyebrow about that.

  2. Anonymous

    Regarding anonymous 12:54’s comment:I am shocked. Surely the Bosox hired a “paid detail” off duty trooper to deliver the receiver.Say it ain’t so Theo.

  3. Bryan Person

    Yes, Dan, the excessive gushing coverage of Sox in the Globe is getting a bit over the top here. Sasha Talcott has the best beat in Boston — the business operations of the Boston Red Sox. Not faulting her, but does she write about anything else?The Globe is also in love with the just-how-much-did-Kaavya Viswanathan-plagiarize story. Ugh. Answer: too much. Time to move on.

  4. Anonymous

    Hiring an off-duty trooper is not the issue I’m raising. The violation of normal speed limits and other traffic laws while using a siren and emergency lights is the issue. Mirabelli could have arrived in the 2nd inning without risking the lives of other motorists. Ok, when he got there, the Sox would have been down 3 runs, but still . . . .

  5. Candice

    Hmmm….Sort of thought Jerry Remy had all that travel stuff stitched up.

  6. Anonymous

    Man, even if you want to defend the Globe, they make it so damn easy for their critics, without fail, at every conceivable opportunity.

  7. Anonymous

    Check out Shaughnessey’s column today- he uses “journalistic wet kiss” when describing the Sox Destination article. Apparently he enjoys your blog as well? Someone should give him a book deal, I think Little Brown is looking for writers…

  8. Wes

    Shaughnessey evidently the hand-picked scribe to offset management’s gross error(s) in judgement. The desire to squeeze every cent out of the faithful has been blatant.Harding noted this AM that our Sox have lost 5 out 6 to the Jays. And, the Indians won their series, so the thought that perhaps a third place team may shed some of the luster of recent heroics may spur the urge to harvest lucre at an increased rate.Of course, the team is packed with pitching.

  9. Anonymous

    Stop the Presses!Today the Herald’s Inside Track reports:WE HEAR: That the private jet carrying Red Sox savior Doug Mirabelli from the Left Coast to Fenway the other night got priority clearance to land ahead of some 20-odd commercial flights headed for Logan at the time. Nice to have fans in the control tower! So much for running a few red lights.

  10. Man Who Can't Afford to be a Sox Fan

    Methinks THIS is emblematic of the reason why Greater Media is reluctant to consummate a deal handling over part-ownership of WBOS 92.9FM to the Sox. It looks bad. VERY bad. And this sort of perception of content corruption can easily spread to other Greater Media properties…including the conservative talker WTKK where the hosts can speak no wrong and they’re there for the little guy.I suspect that Greater Media would prefer to just sell off 92.9 to the Sox and keep their hands clean; it’d certainly go a long way to helping pay the (rumored) $100+ million they’re dropping on 102.5FM WCRB. But I equally doubt the Sox are all that thrilled about paying the $110-$150 million that 92.9 is worth. Why pay that when you can get effective control for perhaps merely $15 or $20 million?

  11. Anonymous

    Dan, Tim Allik from here. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. I just wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to see our slide show poll questions:What do you think of Red Sox desiNATIONs?Definitely worth it. Heaven.Fine as long as they use the money to bring Bronson Arroyo back.Baseball overload — these people have to get a life!I’ve already spent all of my disposable income on Red Sox scratch tickets. I can assure you that these were not produced by the Red Sox public relations department. The fact is that our audience eats the Red Sox up no matter who owns them. It’s Boston for Gadssake!

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