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Missing inaction

Ron Newman catches the Boston Globe’s Names column lazily rewriting a press release — and not bothering to check whether the predicted event actually happened. Whoops.

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It depends on the meaning of “only”


How’s that trade working out? (V)


  1. Anonymous

    You can bet that if the event involved the social agenda of the editors of the Globe, they would have “flooded the zone”. I’m about done with this waste of trees. If I want to be insulted like this, I can go on line and save the money. My cancellation call happens in the morning.

  2. Peter

    Those job cuts are really paying dividends! Seriously, we are entering a world of pain. It’s bad enough that the Herald will soon be read its last rites. Pretty soon we will be stuck with two second-rate papers in Boston, the Metro and the Globe!

  3. mike_b1

    Aren’t you being a little harsh on the Metro, Peter?

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