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Looking for some help

Does anyone know of a reasonably well-done one-hour (or less) documentary dedicated to the proposition that the media are hopelessly suffused with liberal bias? I’d like to show it to my History of Journalism students before the semester ends. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Steve

    Don’t know off-hand, but a Google on “Goldberg Bias Video” sent me to this Media Research Center collection.It’s certainly not exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe you can cobble something together from the clips there.

  2. Anonymous

    “Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood” isn’t about the news media per se, but it is compelling and fairly even-handed (if a little light) in its treatment of conservatives in the largely liberal film and TV industries.

  3. Anonymous

    Dan, just turn to Fox News. Then show some pieces from the WSJ, Washington Times, the Herald. Then tune in Rush Limbaugh. George Will and Charles Krauthammer in the Post, Jacoby in the Globe. Clips of Tim Russert mercilessly grilling our vice president. They’ll get the picture.

  4. Tecknomage

    Try: is a partial list found via., you guest it, Google using “media liberal bias” search text.

  5. MeTheSheeple

    I still haven’t seen it to know if it’s relevant and has quality, but is offering FahrenHYPE 9/11 for $1, plus $1.40 shipping. Looks as if the companion book AND the DVD may be for the same, I believe, has a history of customer service problems and a CEO with the world’s wackiest telephone conferences (plug it into Google to find out).You might want to look around on or somewhere else, if you think this might work.

  6. Anonymous

    How could someting like that exist if it’s not true…?I have both ‘the Press Secretary’ and a one hour documentary, ‘Why we Hate the Press’, which whacks both libs and conservatives,,,both an hour…MAGSCHMOOZ

  7. Anonymous

    why not just show’em a couple of network newscasts?

  8. Anonymous

    Tune into Fox 25 News at Ten. Calculate the ratio of the number of times the term “war on terror” is used to the number of times they say “civil war.” Also, ratio of “terrorists” to “insurgents.”Measure the total amount of time devoted to the Iraq war.Count the number of times Osama bin Laden is mentioned.Count the number of reports in which a democratic critic of the Bush administration is quoted.Etc.

  9. Lisa

    I’ve got a copy of OutFOXed if you want to do a double feature. Happy to lend it to you. BTW, is there a syllabus for the History of Journalism class? My bedside reading pile has fallen below twelve volumes, which makes me more nervous than contemplating peak oil.

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