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No comment necessary

I wouldn’t bother to quote this stuff, except that Aaron Margolis has a really good-looking blog design and even manages to attract comments. So I guess he’s fair game. Anyway, I briefly alluded to his attack on Jill Carroll yesterday, and now feel compelled to follow up. To wit:

The real story that is being avoided is that Jill Carroll read a script at the terrorists’ gun point that could just as easily been written by Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Ted Kennedy, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, George Soros, Sen. Russ Feingold, or Michael Moore. You may also to that list: Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, Saddam Hussein, and all the cowardly masked terrorists you see in videos released by al Jazeera. The real story here is that the terrorists used Jill Carroll to spread their propaganda, the same propaganda that is commonly professed by the anti-war left wing of the United States, including prominent Democratic members of Congress.

Yes, that’s right. The “real story.” Absolutely amazing.

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  1. Anonymous

    Keep in mind that when the rightists turn more and more histrionically to this kind of language, it means the facade is crumbling and the enemies’ lists are being dusted off. “There are no U.S. soldiers on the streets of Baghdad,” says the Iraqi information minister. “There are no insurgents wreaking havoc in Baghdad” say the Bush toadies of the ether world. And back and forth it goes. Meanwhile, some National Guardsman is learning to walk with a fiberglass leg.

  2. Steve

    Finally, an appropriate moment for a Barbara Bush quote:”So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”This guy’s a “one-note”: Democrats traitors, Republicans good. It’s a pretty site, but the commentary is vapid.

  3. Paddy

    Yeah right. And there is a tooth fairy!

  4. Anonymous

    if it’s “vapid,” why do you even acknowledge such a right-wing site? to acknowledge it only gives it credence.if you want to talk about people who are “one-note”, how long have heard nothing but “Bush lied” and countless other diatribes. If you can say that the Democrats are not “one-note” than you are kidding yourself. Right now, they offer only criticism, no solution. Where is their solution for Iraq? criticism is not a solution. They have no leaders.

  5. Anonymous

    As compared to Bush’s plan, which is clearly defined and obviously working quite well.

  6. Man Using Roll-On Ban

    To be honest I’m not quite sure what the “story” really is with the whole Jill Carroll thing.Of course, I’m very glad she was released and is home safe. That’s a wonderful personal factoid that makes me happy, but it’s not really a “story” by itself.Why Ms. Carroll was released safely when hundreds of others are being killed every week? Well, that’s a story but I’m not sure it’s the story; maybe there’s something interesting there but I seriously doubt there’s anything there that can’t afford to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks while Carroll gets at least a little breather. And even then only that fast if there’s something that Carroll did that kept her alive then it might be relevant for the families of the other hostages currently held in Iraq.Carroll being used as a propaganda tool is certainly not a story. Shit, 95% of the White House press corps is being used as a propaganda tool every time McClelland opens his mouth. Ya don’t see the rest of the media calling shenanigans on that, eh? (maybe I better go get my broom!) :-)What could be a story might be the right-wing’s reaction to her release. Or the left-wing’s reaction for that matter, but I’ll stick with the right for a moment. Why do so many conservatives seem to view her release as a bad thing? Less than a week goes by and they’re already attacking her as directly as they can get away with – you’d think her survival would be something of an Iraqi success story: good journalist ends up in horrible situation but keeps her wits about her and survives. US Gov’t refuses to cave to hostage-takers’ demands, takers realize hostage has no value, but decide to be compassionate enought to let journalist go. Journalist comes home to happy family, cue the music and drop the curtain. I mean, this is arguably progress…even the hostage takers aren’t automatically killing anyone and everyone. Yeah, it’s not much but it’s something I suppose. Yet that angle is not be pursued at all. It’s almost like they’d rather have another martyr than a safe ex-hostage.Why the right-wing isn’t pursing the silver lining, and why the left-wing isn’t calling bullshit on the right-wing for it….maybe that’s the story?

  7. Steve

    Anon 10:09 – about the referenced site – you are quite right, even to comment on it is acknowledging it. It really deserves a good ignoring.And about Democrats not having a plan – you sound like a guy in a bus that has driven off a cliff trying to support the bus driver by saying that none of the other passengers has a way out of this mess. Doesn’t the bus driver deserve criticism?The first thing to do when there’s a problem is to get a general agreement that there is a problem. it’s like the whole country is in need of a 12-step program.(OK, I’m done mixing and matching metaphors now.)

  8. Paddy

    RES IPSA LOQUITUR Years ago when Maura Hennigan first ran for City Council she was described as,”Vogue on the outside and Vague on the inside.”

  9. Mugwump

    Sort of sounds like Cheney’s gay press plant – Jeff Gannon, or something like that.

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