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Restatement of purpose

Anonymous (a very common name, I’ve noticed) claims that I “missed” Al Gore’s speech the other day. I did not, although I concede that I chose not to write about it. Which raises a point I’ve been meaning to make about Media Nation, or about any blog.

I look for items, mostly but not entirely media-related, that interest me, and that I hope will interest a few readers as well. (A political speech like Gore’s doesn’t cut it, even though I hold Gore in reasonably high esteem.) I don’t feel obligated to post anything, with the possible exception of follow-ups to previous items — especially if it’s to correct the record.

Media Nation is likely to be sporadic over the next several months, because my teaching schedule this semester has made it hard for me to keep on top of my reading as much as I’d like — at least until later in the day. There may be days when I post quite a bit; there may be days when I don’t post at all.

For what it’s worth: I consider anything I write to be fair game, so fire away. But I don’t consider anything I choose not to write about to be fair game at all, and I hope you won’t either. There’s a flood outside, and I’m sitting here with a thimble.

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  1. Anonymous

    You talking to

  2. mike_b1

    The Globe on Sunday (yes I know, I cancelled my subscription, but the carrier keeps bringing it, and since it’s free…) ran an item picked up from the LA Times on the accumulation of PBDEs (a chemical shown to be toxic at certain concentrations) in the Arctic.Nowhere in the piece does it mention that an EU law signed several years ago outlaws use of PBDEs. Nor does it mention that all US companies that sell into the EU are working toward complying with the law, which goes into effect July 1, 2006.So the reader is left with this “sky is falling” scenario courtesy of either an uninformed reporter or ( assuming they included the information only to have it edited out) a lousy editor). Who do we readers complain to? The Globe, or the LA Times? And would this type of error-by-omission ever find its way into the Globe’s corrections list (which is all their ombud has to write about these days…wonder why that is?)

  3. Paul

    Did you hear Senator Hilary Clinton’s speech at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ per chance ?

  4. Anonymous

    DK,When I have a better grasp of the media climate around here than you do, I’ll complain about issues NOT discussed.(That’s not likely to happen in this lifetime, however).

  5. John Galt

    …I don’t consider anything I choose not to write about to be fair game at all…Well! You must have emigrated. I, for one, mean every single thing I don’t say, and will fight to the death to defend my right not to say anything.Speaking of media, there is no greater lie being purportrated on the citizens than that the Abramoff sleaze is somehow bipartisan. This is wholly a window into the venal and corrupt G0P.…a search of Federal Election Commission records since 1998 found no personal donations from Abramoff to Democrats, and about two-thirds of the more than $4.4 million in donations from Abramoff, his clients and associates in the same period went to Republicans, according to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, a campaign-finance watchdog group.CNN – January 17th

  6. JG

    Note that keystrokes went amok. Purportrated = perpetrated

  7. Lex

    Ever notice how all these people who complain about the things you don’t blog about always conveniently forget to offer to underwrite blogging on the subjects they want to see blogged about?Funny, that.

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