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What’s really wrong with Cheney?

It doesn’t seem likely that we’re being told the truth about Dick Cheney’s medical condition, does it?

In December 2004, Josh Marshall wrote a speculative but informed item on the possibility that Cheney is suffering from congestive heart failure. It’s worth another look now that it’s making its way into mainstream outlets such as the New York Times.

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  1. Bill Baar

    you can tell middle aged hasn’t hit Josh yet

  2. Anonymous

    Talk about wishful thinking. If only his point was as clear as his agenda…

  3. Anonymous

    Tim Johnson said the right things,but his face (on WNT) as much as said ‘hey, I hope he’s watching his diet,rest,exercise,if not he’s in trouble.’

  4. mike_b1

    Gosh, to think that George Bush is just a heartbeat away from the presidency!

  5. Neil

    Fox News Alert: Cheney’s shoe size changes!”Congestive heart failure” is a funny term. It isn’t really “failure”, is it, until it actually fails.My mother had it for like twenty years and lived to 92. Of course she didn’t have to endure the stress of running a shadow government. I suppose that can take a lot out of a fella. He really ought to take a break and let George drive for a while.

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