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Jill Carroll’s fate

Romenesko‘s got a link to an exceptionally good post on the kidnapping of Christian Science Monitor freelancer Jill Carroll. It’s by the Moderate Voice, a.k.a. Joe Gandelman, who is himself a former Monitor stringer. Gandelman sees clues that Carroll was grabbed by loyalists of a Sunni politician she was scheduled to interview. Somehow that leaves me optimistic — if Gandelman’s right, at least it’s not Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

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  1. Turley

    Gandelman’s description of the CS Monitor as “fair” is standard U.S.B.S. The fact that the kidnapping of Carroll was suppressed demonstrated that information is withheld from the public. Knowing what is suppressed is necessary to understanding the reality of news in America.Some of us knew Carroll was kidnapped 2 days before it was announced by the U.S. press. And we know more than most so we are called “nuts.”

  2. Anonymous

    Remember th Wolf’witz comment that if the media would get out there and do some reporting instead of hanging around hotels,the good news might be reported. Good luck to Ms.Carroll and the other at-risk J’s working this dangerous beat.

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