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Where’s Jay?

For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Boston Globe has failed to follow up on columnist Scot Lehigh’s revelation that WTKK Radio (96.9 FM) talk-show host Jay Severin has falsely claimed to have won a Pulitzer Prize – especially since Severin hasn’t appeared on the air since Lehigh’s column ran last Friday.

Today the Boston Herald’s Inside Track takes a stab at trying to figure out what’s going on. The Tracksters attribute Severin’s disappearance to his recently signed syndication deal with Infinity Broadcasting, which (God help us) could lead to his taking the late David Brudnoy’s old slot on WBZ Radio (AM 1030). (The syndication deal was first reported by the Globe’s Geoff Edgers, also last Friday.)

I suspect the Tracksters are right: a phony prize or two just isn’t a big deal in the world of political talk (just ask Bill O’Reilly), but signing a contract with a competitor is war. Still, it’s strange that the Track makes absolutely no mention of the Pulitzer story.

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  1. Anonymous

    If the Herald were a real newspaper, it would write about the competition. Hell, last year a Globe reporter WON a Pulitzer, and the Herald didn’t mention it. (It did write about a Tufts professor who won on the same day — but no mention of the Globe reporter.)

  2. Anonymous

    You wonder, do you not, how many Brudnoy fans are also Severin fans?

  3. Anonymous

    The Red Sox matter: all other talk programing,not so much. Talk radio that doesn’t involve them,, is irrelevant, and all hosts are fungible. While it would be a shame to see a serial embellisher like Severino show up on a capstone station like WBZ, nothing should suprise in the profit-margin conscious world of communications.

  4. Anonymous

    Whether he’s better then Brudnoy is not the point.Paul Sullivan has that slot now and he is a flaming liberal, supports gay marriage, is against capital punishment and last week said that Ted Kennedy was “a statesmen.”Bring on Jay – he rocks!

  5. Anonymous

    Paul Sullivan is a ‘flaming liberal’….that’s the kind of doo doo that right wing talk radio fans immediately resort to. That kind of sean-hannity attack method where you read off a few talking points and yell at a person so they can’t respond….And then hang up on them. No one ever gets a chance to conduct an actual dialogue with the host. That’s why no host is ever taken down and always gets the last word in. To the above commenter: do you think Jay Severin is ‘center-right’ as he claims he is? Even if you don’t, you betray your own stupidity by calling Sullivan a flaming liberal. A flaming liberal? What the hell is that?By the way, to his credit, Severin will occassionally keep a caller on over a commercial and resume where they left off. But so doesn’t Sullivan.

  6. other anon.

    “so doesn’t Sullivan”well, we’ve established you are indeed from Boston..

  7. Anonymous

    I believe Paul voted for “W” twice and with enthusiasm yet. Not consistent with your flaming characterization.

  8. Dave

    Paul Sullivan is hardly a “flaming liberal”; he holds strong opinions that fall on both sides of the ideological spectrum, and often they seem based on ignorance. I don’t listen to him regularly, but whenever I do I’m reminded how hard I find it to believe that this guy has a microphone in a major market.A couple of weeks ago they were talking about the rising oil prices and he said that he thought that we should drill in ANWR… who cares about the penguins! I wish the guy well with his health woes, but sheesh!

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