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Boston Media Tweeters is now a Twitter list

Over the weekend I converted Boston Media Tweeters from a wiki to a Twitter list. I made the move because the wiki had been hit repeatedly by spammers.

The advantage to the list is that you can subscribe to it and instantly start following the people who are on it. The disadvantage is that you can’t add yourself.

Click here to check out the list and to subscribe. Click here to learn a bit more about the list, and to see how you can request to be added.

Google’s pretty good wiki

I’ve been casting about for a free, easy-to-use wiki program for my students in Reinventing the News to play with this fall. I didn’t want to use anything I would have to install at the server level, because life is too short to spend it learning that sort of thing.

Wouldn’t you know it, but Google has a nice solution called Sites. Ridiculously simple, and more features than we’ll probably use. Now I just need the right class project. I’m thinking of a compendium for internal newsroom use rather than something that could be edited by the public (although I’m open to that, too).

Any thoughts?

But wait: Ari Herzog’s “U.S. Congress on Twitter,” using PBwiki, looks awfully nice.

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