Boston Media Tweeters is a Twitter list of journalists and media folks in Greater Boston. I am defining “journalists” loosely enough to include independent bloggers engaged in journalism of a sort, but to exclude personal diarists and others engaged in purely non-journalistic blogging. For the most part I am not including institutional feeds (i.e., @BostonGlobe), although I’m making exceptions for a few very small organizations.

Boston Media Tweeters replaces a wiki of the same name, which I’ve abandoned because it had been hit repeatedly by spammers. The advantage to the list is that you can subscribe to it and instantly start following the people who are on it. The disadvantage is that you can’t add yourself.

If you are not on the list, don’t be offended. Nearly everyone on it added him- or herself when it was a wiki, and I simply carried it over. If you think you should be added, please send me an email at da dot kennedy at neu dot edu. Provide your name, your Twitter handle and a brief description of why you should be included.

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