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E-mail woes

I’m not quite sure how to get the word out to everyone who needs to know, but I’m struggling with some mysterious Gmail problems. I think I’ve fixed it so that I’ll get everything, but it involves monitoring two other e-mail managers to make sure Gmail isn’t killing anything. I may have to abandon Gmail altogether.

If you think I should have responded to you on something but didn’t, please be persistent.

Spam is raging out of control

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, too, but it seems to me that the quantity of spam has increased exponentially over the past several months. What worries me is that I’m losing the ability to read through the contents of Gmail‘s spam filter to see whether anything important got caught by mistake.

Right now, I’m looking at 3,671 — whoops, 3,672 — messages trapped by the filter since last Wednesday. Even if I quickly page through them all, am I going to notice if one or two valid messages are in there?

The Gmail filter does a good job, but I’m a little frustrated. On a few occasions, I’ve noticed messages in my spam folder from e-mail addresses that are already built in to my address book. That is never supposed to happen. Am I alone in experiencing that? Am I doing something wrong?

Now up to 3,673.

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