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The Boston Globe calls on President Biden to end his campaign

Vice President Kamala Harris. Photo (cc) 2019 by Gage Skidmore.

The Boston Globe’s editorial board has just called for President Biden to end his re-election campaign. The paper took its time, which I think is appropriate. But given the president’s anemic response to his disastrous performance in last Thursday’s debate, it’s now clear that someone else would be better suited to the crucial task of saving our democracy from Donald Trump and the forces of the authoritarian right. The Globe writes:

Serious questions are now in play about his ability to complete the arduous work of being leader of the free world. Can he negotiate with a hostile Republican Congress, dangerous foreign powers, or even fractious rivals within his own Cabinet? The nation’s confidence has been shaken.

The Globe is also calling for an open convention. I understand the appeal. But the cleanest solution would be to hand off the presidency to Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden would have to resign in order to do that, and I realize that’s unfair. There’s no logical reason for him not to serve out the remainder of his term, but defeating Trump is of paramount importance. Harris is as popular, or unpopular, as any of the other Democrats being mentioned, and with her ascendance there would be no issues regarding campaign finances or ballot access.

The New York Times is reporting that Biden told an unnamed key ally that he is thinking about ending his campaign. The Times is getting furious pushback from the White House, but how could Biden not be having such conversations? Former President Barack Obama is also letting it be known that his full-throated support for Biden is mainly for public consumption.

Maybe Biden will put the doubts to rest in his interview with George Stephanopoulos. Maybe he’ll hold a two-hour news conference, as Jake Tapper has suggested, and turn back the clock. Right now, though, he appears to be on a trajectory that will end, inevitably, with his making a very different calculation.

These are dark days.

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  1. Stephen Walker

    Good for the Globe. Biden would be foolish to continue, if for no other reason, because major media will now have to be hypocrites if they praise Biden’s campaign after calling for him to resign. He will not have a friendly environment if he continues.

    Surprisingly, Harris seems to be more popular now. That may be because people are starving for someone fresh and younger. An open convention is risky, but think of the excitement it could generate, and the value of possibly having some new faces gaining attention. I think Whitmer and Harris have the best chance of beating Trump.

    As for Biden’s campaign monies, they could be partially refunded or his campaign could probably run negative ads against Trump.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Harris has been getting better press the past few months. Good timing.

  2. Mike Chapman

    And just like the Times, they DIDN’T call for Trump to drop out after a felony conviction. Talk about being two-faced.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Nor have they called on Putin to leave Ukraine or for Kim Jong Un to stop executing opponents with anti-aircraft fire. Trump’s not going anywhere, obviously. The goal — maybe the most important goal of our lifetime — is to beat him.

  3. Stephen Walker

    Oh brilliant. That’s a winning message. Why not just write sound bites for Trump?

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