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Margaret Sullivan’s advice for The Washington Post

Former Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan has written a sensible though surprisingly restrained column for The Guardian on how the Post can recover from its self-inflicted wounds: publisher Will Lewis promises to behave; owner Jeff Bezos makes it clear that he’s still committed to the Post and its mission of holding the powerful accountable; and a public editor is brought in “to provide transparency and accountability to readers.” Sullivan, who’s also a former public editor for The New York Times, says she’s not interested in the job herself.

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  1. Batchman

    First she says that the WaPo made lots of money and did well under Bezos. Then later on she writes how the paper is losing money and is in trouble. Is she letting Bezos off the hook or is she neglecting to explain the circumstances that reversed the good fortune?

    • Dan Kennedy

      She’s written a short column for readers who already know something about the recent history of the Post. Millions of pixels have been fried, including on this blog, explaining that the Post failed to pivot to something new once Donald Trump left the White House. I recommend this if you’d like to get up to speed.

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