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Despite cuts, GBH leaves executive salaries intact

While GBH was laying off 31 people, the high salaries of 16 top execs were left untouched. Top-paid host Jim Braude, who makes $345,000, tells Aidan Ryan of The Boston Globe: “We all would have been willing to take pay cuts to save costs if we had been asked.” So why weren’t they asked?

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  1. Jim Welch

    I would ask Braude: Why didn’t he ask?

    • Mike Chapman

      Exactly! After his bleating on the air that “If there’s anything we can do!?” Let’s not forget that Margery makes the same amount.

      • Dan Kennedy

        Not according to GBH’s 990 from 2022 she doesn’t.

  2. Glad that this glaring point was made, though were all the highly paid executives canvassed? Of course, this criticism should have been made by the GBH union, which has, from what I can tell, been silent (or sidelined).

    • Mike Chapman

      Unions in broadcasting and/or newsroom shops have been reduced to paper tigers.

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