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Patriot Ledger reporter Fred Hanson dies while on the job

Sad news from The Patriot Ledger, the daily newspaper that covers much of Boston’s South Shore. Fred Hanson, a reporter at the Ledger for nearly 43 years, died on Monday after collapsing outside Braintree Town Hall. Mr. Hanson, who was 67 years old, was there to cover a school committee meeting. According to Ledger editor Jen Wagner:

Fred was an integral part of The Patriot Ledger news staff. Nobody disliked Fred. He was terribly affable. He appeared gruff and very serious a lot of the time to those who did not know him well. But get him talking and you’d see so much more — from his love of history to his love of family. And he’d always ask about your family, too. He had a very big heart.

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  1. Bob Gardner

    I worked with Fred many years ago in Randolph. He was a great guy.

  2. Martin Callaghan

    Knew Fred back in the day when was a Guild Rep. Really nice guy. RIP Brudda Fred.

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