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Do you use Venmo? Then do this right away.

Now here’s some news you can use. If you’ve been forced to use Venmo, you may be sharing far more personal information than you realized. I knew they had turned off the public feed a couple of years ago (whoever thought that was a good idea?), but I didn’t know that was just the tip of the iceberg. Brian X. Chen explains in The New York Times.

If you can’t get past the Times paywall, don’t be concerned. The steps you need to take are simple. On Venmo, choose “Me” (lower right) on the home screen, then settings (the gear thingie in the upper right). Choose “Privacy,” then select “Private.” Scroll down to “Friends List” and set that to “Private” as well. Finally, turn off “Appear in other users’ friends lists.” That’s it.

Update: I forgot to mention that you should also go to “Past Transactions” and choose “Change All to Private.”

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  1. Lex Alexander

    I don’t use Venmo, but my kids do. I’ve shared this article with them. Thanks, Dan.

  2. Betty Galligan

    Thank you so much for this guidance. I’ve always been private on Venmo but didn’t know about the friends’ list settings

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