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Ashley Parker wins the 2022 Both Sides Sweepstakes

Stop the competition. We have a winner of the 2022 Both Sides Sweepstakes: Ashley Parker, a high-profile political reporter for The Washington Post, who took to Twitter in order to share this with us:

I put it up as an image rather than an embedded tweet because who knows what’s going to happen to it over the next few days? Plus she might wake up and delete it. But click here, while you can, to see some of the replies.

I should note, too, that as far as I can tell, this is not an imposter who paid Elon Musk $8 for a blue check mark.

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  1. Lex Alexander

    Ashley Parker apparently has a flatline where her moral EKG should be. Seriously, how obtuse do you have to be to compare not getting invited to a White House pre-wedding photo shoot with all of the thousands of lies told by Donald Trump as president? This tweet should be taught in journalism school as an example of what NOT to do; I doubt I ever have seen both-sidesism so neatly encapsulated.

  2. Paul Rickter

    The stupid thing is that Parker is mad about a misunderstanding about press access. The White House wedding was supposed to be private and it actually WAS private. Vogue had exclusive pictures because they were invited to take pictures in the WH on the day before. Access journalists complaining about lack of access is eye-rolling.

  3. Christopher R

    Leave Ashley Parker the fuck alone. What she said is true! They all lie.

  4. If I recall correctly Ashley Parker was the lone top Washington journalist who attended the going away party for [serial liar] Sarah Huckabee Sanders, which made me flinch. Her latest bothsiderism fits the pattern: Comparing the ongoing devastation plus 30,000 lies [WaPo count] of Trump with Biden’s wedding non-issue makes one wonder about Parker’s understanding of just how much damage Trump has done the nation and world.

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