Why Trump got off

This very long story in The New York Times on why Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg decided not to prosecute Donald Trump comes down to two things. Prosecutors couldn’t flip Trump’s money guy, Allen Weisselberg. And Bragg didn’t want to move ahead with a trial in which the star witness would be Michael Cohen, Trump’s thuggish former lawyer.

Fantasies about Trump in stripes aside, that sounds like a smart decision to me.

2 thoughts on “Why Trump got off

  1. The prosecution of Allen Weisselberg continues and more information will come to light. But the Trump Machine and those fearful of it continue their efforts. They are powerful and effective with success based on the inchoate resentments of their audience rather than any evidence presented. Our lives are diminished by the presence of Putin and Trump in them. It ain’t over…and it won’t be.

  2. mfidelman

    Yes… but that story is about events in January – and talks about how the case might be revisited if new material arises.

    Not a mention of the new material dumped on the court system, by the Jan. 6 commission.

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