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Fox News loses its last fig leaf as Chris Wallace leaves for a gig at CNN

Chris Wallace. U.S. Army photo (cc) 2010 by Staff Sgt. Jim Greenhill.

Chris Wallace has finally stopped providing undeserved cover for Fox News, announcing at the end of his show today that he was leaving. He’ll host a show on CNN’s new streaming service.

Wallace deserves some credit for remaining a bastion of sanity on a network that’s embraced the hardcore Trumpist right and all of its lies and fantasies. But he’s 74 and has made a lot of money at Fox; let’s not get carried away.

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  1. Steve Ross

    Tomorrow, Fox will blame him for setting fire to their weird Xmas tree…

  2. There’s no time-stamp on your post, but I think you got there (“fig leaf”) before the Daily Beast.
    4:04 PM EST:

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