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Bob Garfield’s next move

Here it is: Former “On the Media” co-host Bob Garfield will be podcasting as part of a project called BookSmart Studios, along with John McWhorter and Amna Khalid.

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  1. terrykelliher

    Well the bad blood at On the Media seems to have been going on for some time! Personal issues arose that made the work environment apparently toxic. This occurs when corporate culture creates art and that’s what On the Media is! Journalism sure but also a creative body of work! Brook will I’m sure continue with this but it won’t be the same! I’m not going to pass judgement! Mr Gladstone whom I don’t know may have faults as we all do unfortunately they spilled out into the public. I really enjoyed his and Brooks work together! I wish them both success! More of what On the Media provided can only be helpful! Podcasts are coming into there own, Mr Gladstone could one of those helping to establish the platform in the way Howard Sturn pushed Streaming to a new level of attention! Let’s all wish them success!

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