In 2016, moving comments to Facebook seemed like a great idea. Now it’s a problem.

A little more than four years after turning off comments and directing everyone to Facebook, I’ve turned them back on. The move comes at a time when we’re all questioning our dependence on Facebook given the social-media giant’s role in spreading disinformation and subverting democracy across the world.

I will continue to post links on Facebook, and readers will be able to comment either there or here. But if you’d like to reduce your own use of the platform, I urge you to sign up for email delivery of Media Nation (click on “Follow This Blog” in the right-hand rail) and post your comments here. Your real name, first and last, is required.

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6 thoughts on “In 2016, moving comments to Facebook seemed like a great idea. Now it’s a problem.

  1. Deborah Nam-Krane

    I’m so happy you changed your policy. I understood why you went to FB-only in the first place, but they’re so toxic, I can’t even justify an Instagram account for aspirational food photos.

    I used to think that I’d be better off directing everything to my inbox, but it only took one month of a campaign season to change my mind about that. Blog readers are a great middle ground — so if anyone wants to recommend something better than Bloglovin’, I’m all ears.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Weirdly enough, Facebook continues to work very well *for me*. I get lots of good and interesting comments. I would not have made this change if Zuckerberg weren’t trying to destroy the world.

  3. Guess I will try this again

    I don’t do faceplant -so when you moved I stopped commenting and reduced reading your site here

    So good move enabling comments again

    Mike Brough

    PS: my captnmike link goes to my very G rated web site which has quite a bit of info on me (as well as boating safety) – usually sites have fill in the blanks on things and then they hide some info from other visitors – oh well

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