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A few quick thoughts on Mitt Romney’s Trump speech

I just watched Mitt Romney’s speech in which he lacerated Donald Trump. A few quick thoughts:

1. Romney has many admirable qualities, but he’s the worst possible leader of an anti-Trump movement. He’s the very symbol of what Trump supporters despise.

2. The quick consensus on Twitter seems to be that Romney made a mistake by not apologizing for the endorsement he received from Trump in 2012. It wouldn’t have been a big deal. At that time, Trump wasn’t spouting the hateful nonsense that he is today (or at least not as much of it). So why not just say it?

3. Is Romney a candidate? He says no, but of course he is. He essentially called for a brokered convention. If there’s a Draft Romney movement, do you really think he’d walk away? If there’s anything we’ve learned about Mitt over the past dozen years, it’s that he desperately wants to be president.

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  1. Jerry Ackerman

    And while he didn’t say it directly, his disdain for either Hillary or Donald leaves the option for a third party, or candidate, wide open in his view.

    Jerry Sent from my iPhone


  2. Steve Lindsey

    You can almost hear the howling beyond the fence….

  3. Outside the horse race – this has always been up to Ann Romney and her health, not just now but in the future. Incredible as it may seem, she means more to him than any position or reward. He talked about running, and then decided against it. If it would be too hard on her, even Donald Trump can’t provoke him.

  4. Donald Trump, the individual, has uniquely found a way to REMOVE-ALL-THE-OXYGEN from topical conversation to force a ‘digital-media’ confrontation. Is the GOP flummoxed? YES! Does it exist? With fragility. MOST importantly who is it’s spokesperson? Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham? WHO and WHAT by the way IS THE “Grand Old Party”? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Mitt Romney (referenced adroitly recently as “Mittens” by the Boston Herald) is instantaneously flammable. (THEN let’s compare notes with his dad George vis a vis Barry Goldwater, pre-convention; ’64). A sad congruence. End point? Where has Mitt Romney been recently(?), as the ‘Godfather of ‘ObamaCare’, articulated in its add-on, middle-class TAX CONSEQUENCES, and its inherent mandate to same. THEN there is the Orange-clad Hillary, and loose-cannon BILLary. (Files to be open later).

  5. Mike Rice

    A presidential election or the Gong Show?

  6. Mitt Romney seems on a Mormon Mission he failed to complete when he was in his twenties. Correct me if I’m wrong… but didn’t Mitt run for a Senate seat? For President? For President, a second time? WHAT is he running for today… the lead in Les Miserable? Trumps failures; yeah there are BUNCHES OF THEM! Mitt… Bain Capital… failures(?)… yeah there are BUNCHES OF THEM as well! Speak YOUR mind… however ‘coarse’ you wish it do be. America is a tough breed, and the past few years, particularly for the MIDDLE CLASS has been conned into believing our early works may hold solid for the next one-two decades. These clowns — Dems/Repubs have been squandering ALL of our efforts. God Save, and Thank the military!
    Term limits for the lot!

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