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Did the Globe just solve its home-delivery problems?

This is huge. The Boston Globe just reported that its previous vendor, Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, is going to handle half the deliveries starting Monday—and possibly as soon as Sunday.

Problem solved? I don’t know. Remember, drivers have been switching from PCF to the new one, ACI Media Group, and it may not be possible to reconstitute the network that previously existed. Still, it’s fair to call this a major step toward solving the home-delivery crisis.

Globe chief executive Mike Sheehan Sheehan predicts “an extremely rapid return to 100 percent deliveries and improved customer service.”

Update: And now Globe publisher John Henry has issued a statement and an apology. As long as the distribution problems are mostly solved in the next few days, this story is winding down.

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  1. Steve Ross

    I think a lot about Mike Sheehan… but I suspect he really doesn’t understand newspaper delivery logistics.

  2. No NYTimes since NY day…i’m assuming it’s all part of the same screw-up

  3. Christopher Barber

    Not over yet. Henry really cannot help but let out his disdain for his annoying customers:

    “we had underestimated what it would take to make this change. People want their paper every day in a particular place at a particular time. It might be 6 inches to the right of the first step.”

    That is really what he thinks the problem is? He had better hope not too many people actually read that “apology” all the way through and realize how condescending it is.

    Meanwhile, I still haven’t heard a peep from the Globe since I cancelled last week and my NY Times stopped coming on Monday.

  4. Ernie Kahane

    There seems to be a common understanding of the situation from Sheehan and Leung – good idea poor execution. But for those of us who were completely satisfied with prior delivery and now unhappy – it was bad idea horrendous execution. Business 101 – reward your best customers don’t punish them.

    We haven’t cancelled our 7day print yet but are considering it because we don’t support this type of callous decision making. We will probably go digital. BTW: We have not received a paper in 10 days. We are In a ACI zone that is supposedly without problems.

  5. Al Fiantaca

    Globe chief executive Mike Sheehan predicts “an extremely rapid return to 100 percent deliveries and improved customer service.”
    I thought the Globe claimed reason for the switch was intractable delivery problems that the previous contractor PCF was unable to correct. Does Mike Sheehan even read what his own organization has stated before making assertions such as this?

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