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Telling the story across media platforms


For their final project, my graduate students in Fundamentals of Digital Journalism had to produce a story on a topic of their choosing that included three elements: a bloggy feature story (bloggy because it’s full of links), photos and a video.

Their reporting took them from a program in New York that promotes alternatives to prison to a horse farm in Goffstown, New Hampshire, for kids with disabilities. Most of their stories, though, were based in the Boston area.

There’s some good work here, and I hope you’ll take a look at the map. Each marker will take you to a different story. You’ll need to zoom in on Boston.


Edelman speaks


‘Serial’ isn’t journalism. It’s voyeurism. Here’s why.

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  1. Dan, some nice work here. I love showing this work to my intro students to show them what’s possible.

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