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Here’s that huge UMass Globe ad you may have heard about


Here is the UMass four-page wraparound ad in today’s Boston Globe that you may have heard about. I generally defend these things, since I like it when news organizations find ways to make money. And it’s clearly labeled; it’s not at all deceptive.

But still, this is a wow. If the Globe hasn’t crossed a line, perhaps it has moved the line past where we always thought it was.

A totally unrelated observation: I hope legislators ask about this the next time UMass officials travel hat-in-hand to Beacon Hill.


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  1. Lisa Connell

    I agree with what you wrote, Dan. As it is a state school, I wonder how much of a fraction of a dollar all Mass. residents may have contributed to the cost of the ad. And what about the other public colleges and universities who may need recognition to boost enrollment or alumni gifts?

    • Peter Sullivan

      Dan and Lisa, public funding aside, U Mass has an advertising budget, as do most if not all of the other public colleges. You have seen for years, the TV ads with Dr J and other notable alum….. This is just a different way to spend the money. The interesting thing in my opinion is the globe selling a four page wrap around the paper. This is the first I have seen of this and there are still a lot of papers that won’t do that even in today’s advertising challenged market.

      • Dan Kennedy

        @Peter, yes, absolutely. It’s the ad itself that’s notable. And no, it doesn’t really bother me. But I haven’t seen anything like it before, though I hear it’s been done in other cities.

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